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Card Processing

Give your customers more payment options to potentially increase sales and improve cash flow. Contact Us to learn more.

Night Deposit

Open late? It's easy to make deposits, any time day or night, at one of our secure night deposit locations.

  • Deposit will be held in a secured vault overnight
  • Deposit will be completed on the next business day we are open

Home Federal Bank offers the convenience of night deposits at:

Grand Island Downtown Drive Thru

120 South Locust St

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Grand Island Conestoga North Office

3419 West State St

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Grand Island Southwest Office

3311 West Stolley Park Rd

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Hastings Office

715 West 4th St

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Holdrege Office

423 Garfield St

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Lexington Office

201 West 7th St

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Superior Office

454 Central Ave

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Business Credit Cards

Apply online for an Elan VISA Credit Card today. Visit Elan's website for more information.

Elan Credit Card account information is available online. Safe and secure account information access is provided by SSL (Secured Socket Layer Security). To access your Elan Credit Card account information, click on

Wire Transfer

Incoming Wires

Incoming wires are processed through Midwest Independent Bank of Jefferson City, Missouri. There is a $10.00 fee for incoming wires. Specific information you will need:

  1. Midwest Independent Bank, Jefferson City, MO
  2. ABA Routing number 086 505 273
  3. To Credit Home Federal Bank/Grand Island
  4. Account number: 750-897
  5. For Final Credit to:
    Account holder’s Name: ______________________
    Account Number: ________________

Outgoing Wires

Outgoing wires are used to send funds into an account at another bank. There is a $20.00 fee for outgoing wires. The following information is needed:

  1. Name of customer requesting the wire transfer and the Home Federal Bank account number where the funds will be withdrawn
  2. Name of the bank where the fund will be deposited
  3. The ABA Routing number of the bank where the funds will be deposited (always 9 digits)
  4. Receiving party’s name and account number where the funds will be deposited
  5. Wires over $3,000.00 must have the sender's address and the receiving party’s address

The best procedure is to call the bank where the receiving party’s account is located and ask for their wiring instructions.

Safe Deposit Box

The most secure place in your business may not be secure enough for your valuables. Loss, fire and burglary are just a few of the risks involved with safe guarding your valuables.

Only you, and persons authorized by you, can gain access to the contents of your safe deposit box. Your own key, together with the bank’s master key, is needed to gain entry.

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